NIPPAN BAKERY is a Japanese bakery where you can pause for a moment and breath in the aroma of Japan. A place where you can enjoy the taste of homemade Japanese bread and pastries together with green tea, specialty coffee, or matcha latte.

Our Story

NIPPAN BAKERY is an artisan Japanese bakery, where fluffy bread and unique pastries made from high-quality ingredients are baked fresh daily by Chikako.

Growing up in Japan, she recalls daily trips to the neighborhood bakery with her mother, and remembers the pleasant aroma of freshly baked bread. After moving to Prague she ate a lot of good, local bread, but none quite compared to the delicious and familiar taste of typical Japanese bread. This slowly got her thinking, "Why don't I just make the bread myself?"

She was baking for fun at first, making bread and pastries for her husband and two daughters. When she got acquainted with a knowledgeable and passionate Japanese baker back in 2021 however, her interest in baking intensified, and she seriously started contemplating the idea of opening a Japanese bakery in Prague.

Quality and healthy eating is of utmost importance to us, and our aim is to create a local community bakery with a friendly atmosphere and delicious baked goods you will want to visit time and time again.

We look forward to seeing you from around the neighborhood, and you from all across the city of Prague!

Come to taste fluffy pastries, traditional Japanese bread, specialty coffee, matcha latte, and more.

Our products

Our fresh bread and pastries are baked daily using only high-quality ingredients.

Typical Japanese bread Shokupan, 

Roll Pan, and Koppe Pan.

Sweet pastries such as Matcha Melon Pan, Cream Pan, Chocolate Pan, and more.

Salty bread such as Corn Pan, Edamame Pan, Ham roll, and sandwiches.

Specialty coffee, green tea, matcha latte,

                     and Bio juices/lemonades.

Opening Hours

Monday                     closed

Tuesday                  8AM - 6PM

Wednesday            8AM - 6PM

Thursday                8AM - 6PM

Friday                     8AM - 6PM

Saturday                8AM - 6PM

Sunday                   9AM - 5PM


K Barrandovu 1173/8, 152 00 Prague 5

(next to the AquaDream swimming pool entrance)